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About Mayumi

Photographer. Photographic artist. Photo retoucher. 

Pronounce: ma-you-me

Mayumi creates and offer sensual and alluring ​​photographic art for private collection and commercial spaces. She makes digitally manipulated portraiture and artistic nude images. Her works appear as dreamlike poetic images in which fantasy and reality meet. She often applies metaphorical language to generate captivating and thought-provoking images.

Mayumi was born in Japan and moved to New York City in 1995. She graduated from Hunter College (The City University of New York) with a BA degree in Studio Art and Psychology in 2003 and studied photography under the legendary Roy DeCarava. She worked as an assistant photographer and has been a freelance photographer since 2004. Her studio is located in the East Village, New York City. She provides her photography services to record people's memories. She can travel anywhere in this world for your assignment. 

She is also a certified life coach, dv survivor, cancer survivor, and cat lover. She enjoys playing ukulele, doodling zentangles, and biking. Her volunteer experiences include art therapy for abused children, recreational therapy for the elderly, and pet photography for animal shelters.

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Black & White Issue 131 (Ross Periodicals Inc.) 2019

Black & White Issue 125 (Ross Periodicals Inc.) 2018

Nude 2017 (PhotoShoot awards: Blurb) 2017

The Naked and the Lens, Second Edition by Louis Benjamin (Focal Press) 2016

Eros Magazine Issue 2 (TZPAC) 2015

43mm Magazine Issue 7b (TZPAC) 2014
Nude 2014 (PhotoShoot awards: Blurb) 2014
Nude 2013 (PhotoShoot awards: Blurb) 2013
Black & White Issue 95 (Ross Periodicals Inc.) 2013
The Mammoth book of new erotic photography edited by Maxim Jakubowski (Running Press) 2010
- Fotoblur Magazine Issue 6 (Fotoblur) 2010
- The Naked and The Lens by Louis Benjamin (Focal Press) 2009

Award & Nomination

- Black & White Single Image Contest 2019 (Winner) 

- Monochrome Awards  Int'l B&W photography contest 2018 (Honorable mention)

NY center for photographic art  - Black and White 2018 (Juror's selection) 

NY center for photographic art  - One 2018 (Juror's selection) 

- Black & White Single Image Contest 2018 (Winner) 

- Int'l Photography Award 2017 (Honorable mention)

Photo Shoot Award Nude 2017 (Bronze)

TZPAC Eros Award 2016 (Finalist)

7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2015 (Finalist)

Black & White Spider Award 2014 (Nominee) 
TZPAC Eros Award 2014 (2nd place)
NY center for photographic art - New Creativity 2014 (Juror's selection)
Int'l color awards 2014 (Nominee)
NY center for photographic art - animals 2014 (Honorable mention)
Photo Shoot Award Nude 2014 (Finalist)
- The WPGA: Spring Award 2013 (Winner)
NY center for photographic art - Primary colors 2013 (Honorable mention)
PWP 38th Int'l women's photography 2013 (Honorable mention)
- Int'l Photography Award 2013 (Honorable mention) 
Photo Shoot Award Nude 2013 (Finalist)
J.M. Cameron Award 2013 (Nominee)
Black & White Single Image Contest 2013 (Winner)
TZPAC Eros Award 2012 (Finalist)
Int'l Photography Award 2012 (Honorable mention)
Black and White Spider Award 2012 (Nominee)
- TZPAC Eros Award 2011 (2nd Place, Silver Award)
Int'l Photography Awards 2011 (Honorable mention)
- The WPGA: The Black and white Contest 2010 (Honorable mention) 
Int'l Photography Awards 2010 (Honorable mention) 
- The WPGA 2010 Competition: Pollux Awards 2010 (Honorable mention)


- Expressions of Women Rising, Volition Gallery, Orangeburg, NY.  March 2016

- NY Center for Photographic Art, Site 109 Gallery, New York, NY. Sept. 2014
- Art Takes Times Square, Times Square, New York, NY. June 2012 

- The Body Archive Gallery, New York, NY. July 2006

- The Body Archive Gallery, New York, NY. May 2005

- E3 Gallery, New York, NY. Dec. 2005

- The Body Archive Gallery, New York, NY. Dec. 2005


- Documentary film: To be Takei, 2014

- Documentary film: Rogues, Rebels, and Renegades: The Art of an Outlaw, 2009

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